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Training, thoughts, and wanderlust ...

Saturday, 25. February 2006 - 21:14
Here we go ...

Just one night to sleep until we will start to Málaga tomorrow morning . Some rain and a strong wind is expected down there. Never mind, as long as it is warmer than at home . I will send a few photos, once I am back!

See you soon,

Sunday, 12. February 2006 - 20:12
Bike and snow

The bike is back from a thorough inspection. Only the rear shock is still upside down. Back to the shop once more!
Today I had my first portion of snow and bike for this year. Hot uphills and freezing on the way down. Love the tea afterwards!
The preparation for the trip through Andalusia is running slowly. Any idea where to leave a bike box in Málaga for one week? The airport has no room for luggage (sic!) and all the hotels are simply not interested in helping some poor mountain bikers out ...


Friday, 10. February 2006 - 23:53
Time to ...

... get the bike back from the shop. Freezing rain keeps me staying at home and being lazy . Just 2 more weeks before we start to Andalucia. Never mind, I think we will have a very relaxed start into the new season . Tapas and red wine aren't too bad either ...

Monday, 30. January 2006 - 21:18
How to start the season?

January is coming to an end. There's still some snow outside while I fight my inner self ... Yesterday I took up training. At least 8 km of jogging through the fields. Not too bad!

My bike takes a rest for inspection at the local dealer while I am planning for the next roundtrip: a warm-up in Andalusia (Spain)! My father and me will start a one-week round-trip in Málaga by the end of February. Like to see the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the castles of Granada! Spanish road adventures ...

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